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With BIONIC-FINISH® we have developed a unique, patented system for the water repellent or the combined water repellent, oil repellent and soil repellent finish of textiles. Contrary to conventional technologies we make use of the self-orientation of star-shaped branched polymers (so-called dendrimers), which allows the only complete fibre protection system worldwide, from industrial textile finishing (flock, yarn, piece or garment) to household wear and care.

Advantages when manufacturing textiles

  • Water-repellent knitted sweaters, coloured fabric, coloured knitwear or highly tear proof mountaineering ropes, etc. do not have to be post-impregnated in a costly manner after production. BIONIC-FINISH® can be applied on fibres or yarns before the actual textile production.
  • Usually, with conventional products, the gliding effects of yarns are affected during weaving/knitting. Yarns finished with BIONIC-FINISH® can be easily processed due to increased gliding properties. The results are less fibre fly in weaving, a more uniform final appearance with knitted goods and a significantly lower error rate in the textile production.

Applications in Textile finishing

  • BIONIC-FINISH® significantly improves the raising properties of polar fleece during its production. It, in addition, takes over the function of a raising lubricant, which, thus, can be discarded. The results are water-repellent, softer, lighter high-tech polar-fleece qualities with high heat-insulating capacities for very extreme requirements, such as alpine outdoor sports.
  • BIONIC-FINISH® not only confers soil- and water-repellent properties to the textile, but also a precious and very soft handle.
  • BIONIC-FINISH® improves the sewability of textiles in making-up. This prevents sewing damage, which often arises when processing knitwear.
  • BIONIC-FINISH® prevents the penetration of moisture into the textile via the sewing thread, which, by the way, is an invaluable advantage in the shoe production.
  • The high gliding properties of BIONIC-FINISH® yarns reduce thread breakage during sewing.
  • Unprecedented abrasion resistance
  • The brilliant after-care system

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