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BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is an ecological possibility of imparting hydrophobic, forward-looking properties to textiles. By combining biology and technology the RUDOLF GROUP develops new, promising, ecologically advantageous technologies in the field of hydrophobic properties.

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO provides very good, sustainable and durable water-repellent properties. No perfluorinated compounds (PFOA, PFOS free) are used for manufacturing BIONIC-FINISH® ECO products.

Ecological data

In the field of hydrophobic finishing, our finishing products of the BIONIC-FINISH® range, such as RUCO-DRY ECO, are specifically developed (ecological) alternatives to marketable fluorocarbon products.

According to OECD tests RUCO-DRY ECO can be easily eliminated from the effluent (> 80%) and is harmless regarding water toxicity (EC-50 (bacteria) > 100 mg/l, LC-50 (fish) > 100 mg/l) as well as oral toxicity (LD-50 (rat) > 5000 mg/kg). You can take from the material safety data sheet that the product does not require labelling.

RUCO-DRY ECO does not contain organic halogen compounds and, thus, cannot contribute to the AOX value or liberate fluorinated compounds.

In principle, (bio) degradability is given, but, according to the OECD test methods, RUCO-DRY ECO cannot be called readily biodegradable. Since the polymeric ingredients are maintained and are to be effective beyond the life-span of the article finished with it, this is quite reasonable. Neither are polyester fibres „readily biodegradable“, but they can nevertheless be recycled without hesitation or are biodegradable in the medium-term. RUCO-DRY ECO meets the EU-REACH-Standard.

Advantages of RUCO-DRY ECO finishes

  • Fluorine-free
  • Highly water-repellent
  • Repels aqueous soil
  • Free of formaldehyde and paraffin
  • Resistant to washing with booster systems
  • Laundry-Air-Dry-suitable (LAD)
  • Confers a soft handle
  • Supports raising
  • Improves the sewability
  • Suitable for all fibre types
  • Energy-saving applications

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