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Fast drying - High-End cooling down control for textiles

In the heat of the moment

Whether sweating during work, at leisure or in bed on a muggy summer‘s night - textiles accompany us at any time and, therefore, have to support our well-being as well as possible, especially in climatically extremer conditions. The SILURAN® Cool-Down Technology will optimize your textile.

SILURAN®-patented Cool-Down Technology

SILURAN® is not only the brand for a new type of textile finishing, but also the name for the patented technology on which it is based. The hydrophilic properties of a modified polyurethane segment and the softness of a silicone are combined in RUCO-PUR SEC to form a new type of functional finish. The name composed of silicone and polyurethane results in the new performance class SILURAN®.

SILURAN® - Advantages at a glance

Advantages on textiles

  • Confers hydrophilic properties and high evaporation
  • Confers COOLING-DOWN properties
  • Confers softness with antistatic effects
  • Confers TOTAL-WEAR-COMFORT in combination with SILVERPLUS®
  • Imparts wash-resistant hydrophilic properties

Advantages during application

  • Secure technical application processes in the exhaust method or pad process
  • Suitable for jet applications due to its low-foaming properties
  • Due to its resistance to yellowing excellent suitability for white goods
  • Versatile compatibility with other hydrophilic softeners

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