The portfolio of RACL consists of a total of 168 world-class products.


Rudolf Atul Chemicals Ltd (RACL) offers its customers, textile chemicals for the entire textile production chain. The product range of the Company consists of textile chemicals for sizing, pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, and textile printing.


Reproducible cleanliness, optimum absorptive properties and gleaming white are the bases that have to be ensured by pretreatment to run flawless finishing processes, such as dyeing. Economically and ecologically optimised auxiliaries and processes by RACL help to surely achieve this goal.


Dyeings of captivating brilliance, levelness and highest fastness properties are obtained with state-of-the-art dyeing auxiliaries and time-optimised processes by RACL. We will also be happy to develop individual optimising concepts together with you.


Printing with good brilliancy, sharpness and lusture alongwith better fastness properties are obtained with RACL printing solutions for various substrates.


Finishing confers functional additional value to textiles. For example moisture-absorbing softness for towels with RUCOFIN®, sewing thread lubricants and specialty finishes. With these and many other technologies RACL offers intelligent solutions to its valued customers.

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