Purpose & Values

Purpose and Values


We are a company committed to significantly enhancing value for all our Stakeholders by:

  • Fostering a spirit of continuous learning and innovation,
  • Adopting the developments in science and technology,
  • Providing high quality products and services, thus becoming the most preferred partner,
  • Having people who practise Values and high standard of behaviour,
  • Seeking sustained, dynamic growth and securing long-term success,
  • Taking responsible care of the surrounding environment and
  • Improving the quality of life of the communities we operate in.


In an environment where change is a way of life, continuity of Values is fundamental to us. We have therefore formalised key Values and are committed to institutionalise them. We will seek to create an environment wherein these Values are consistently practised and nurtured and ensure that they are not compromised to realise short-term gains.

Integrity means working with honesty, following the highest standards of professionalism. Integrity is when our decisions and actions remain consistent with our thoughts and words, written or spoken.
How well we work with others depends on our ways to connect and this in turn is based on our level of Understanding of human relationships. Understanding does not mean that we accept poor performance, but that we do it the right way. Understanding is the external manifestation of internal realisation.
Unity means working together and taking advantage of synergy while harnessing unique abilities of each of us to achieve a larger goal. Unity is the realisation that though we may work in different areas, we are finally interconnected and that interdependence is a higher order of living than independence. Though we may be many, we share a common purpose.
Responsibility means delivering value and taking ownership of actions. Responsibility must also give us the realisation that what is good for the business must be in the overall good. In essence, we must work with the spirit of trusteeship not only for the Shareholders, but also for the other Stakeholders. What comes to us must be returned many times over.
Excellence is a drive that is more from inside than outside; it is about us seeking to continuously improve and develop an eye for innovation even in day to day work. Excellence is about excelling in everything we do and not giving up. Excellence is also a journey, not simply a destination in itself.
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