Atul Foundation (Trust)

Atul Foundation was created to bring all the activities related to serving the society under one umbrella. The activities are grouped under 6 broad Programs, namely, i) Conservation, ii) Education, iii) Empowerment, iv) Health, v) Infrastructure and vi) Relief.

While these Programs are currently focussed in India, it will be the endeavour of Atul to establish such organisations in the countries it is operating so as to serve the society in such countries. Ultimately, what comes from the society must go back to it many times over.

Programs Activities
Conservation 1) Water recharging
2) Tree plantations
3) Check dams
Education 1) Schools
2) ITIs
3) Colleges
Empowerment 1) Vocational training
2) Self help groups
3) Apprentice training
Health 1) Medical diagnostic camps
2) Eye camps
3) Blood donation camps
Infrastructure 1) Roads
2) Electrifications
3) Community halls
Relief 1) Floods
2) Famines
3) Earthquakes
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