True sustainability calls for an outlook as well as an approach that is multi-dimensional and multi-focussed. Aware and evolved companies have realised that they are responsible for and are an integral part of the economic-environmental-social structure - they have both an opportunity as also an obligation not only to create value for the shareholders, but also safeguard the planet and benefit the people at large.

The 3 dimensions of Sustainability, Economic, Environmental and Social, under which the performance of a business entity is measured, have been woven into the Purpose and day-to-day working of Rudolf Atul Chemicals Ltd (RACL).

Many leading companies around the world are reporting their performance as per the framework of Global Reporting Initiative, and RACL is in the process of consolidating its initiatives and impact keeping also in focus the National Voluntary Guidelines and Business Responsibility Report as required in India. However, the information contained here may show the approach of the Company.

RACL is, in its own small way, engaged in serving the society through Atul Foundation (Trust) which focuses on i) Conservation, ii) Education, iii) Empowerment, iv) Health, v) Infrastructure and vi) Relief through several Trusts, Institutions and Partnerships.

The aspects covered under Atul Foundation (Trust) are therefore not mentioned elsewhere in the Section though relevant links are provided for ease of reading. The reporting of Atul Foundation (Trust) is expected to significantly change in step with the introduction of Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 in India.

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